Victoria Charlotte Pettersen
Victoria C. Pettersen
Victoria C. Pettersen PHOTOGRAPHER

Victoria C. Pettersen PHOTOGRAPHER


About Me

I live for art. I have no idea what I'd do without it. I need to be creative all the time. I just cannot stop creating art.

I happen to enjoy different arts, such as photography, 3D graphics and drawing. It's not about being good at many things or anything of the sorts, I just enjoy creating, and I happened to stumble upon different arts and I ended up enjoying them all equally.

What's great about being into different arts is you can use one art to better the other. For instance I create textures with my photos, I take photos for my concept art, I draw concept art for my photo projects, and I use my concept art for my 3D projects.

=) =)


I enjoy creating:

Fashion photography
Conceptual photography



My other portfolios:

- Graphic, web, GUI/HUD, logo design

- Drawings, 3D graphics…

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